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Xamarin Application Development Company

Deliver Apps with a Single Shared .NET Code Base

Xamarin is a wonderful platform which contains a set of tools and libraries to build cross-platform mobile apps on the .NET platform. It is used to build and deliver Android apps, iOS apps, Windows apps, and Mac OS apps with a single shared .NET codebase. An average of seventy-five percent of application code can be shared across different platforms. This saves a lot of time and also prevents bugs from creeping in. Our team of proficient developers has expertise in developing apps using Xamarin. We build apps on a shared C# codebase which allows faster development with automated testing to detect bugs. Our developers abstract the shared code as .NET Standard libraries and reap the benefits, thereby boosting your business growth and productivity.

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Features of Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-development platform that blends all the traits of native platforms. Its features include the following:

  • Native User Interface: Xamarin enables code completion in C# and offers standard, native user interface, giving access to specific device features. The apps exactly look the way the user wants.
  • Code Sharing: Xamarin adopts ‘write-once, run everywhere’ approach. About 75% of the application logic coded in C# can be used by the developers across varying platforms. This saves time and reduces bugs.
  • Native API: The apps developed using Xamarin have complete access to the multi-functionality present in the basic platform and device, including the platform-specific capabilities. It binds the same APIs that are used to build Android, iOS, and Mac apps.
  • Microsoft Technology: Xamarin and Microsoft have mutually integrated Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, which offer uninterrupted workflow to build secure native apps.

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Xamarin UI/UX Design

At Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd. we incorporate experience with technology to provide the best products to enhance your business opportunities, productivity, and growth. We implement Xamarin solutions to empower your business objectives in order to obtain higher returns.

The Xamarin UI/UX design includes-

  • Engaging user interface.
  • User-centric user experience design.
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand that your business requires a versatile application, especially on the mobile platform to get success. As time is gradually evolving, so are we. Our developers leverage the advantage of Xamarin Application Development in .NET Development to help the clients fulfill their business objectives. Through our consolidated experience, we have gained expertise in developing mobile applications which are not merely used for sales but for faster deliveries and other solutions too. Also, we accomplish app development using Xamarin at a very low cost, as the existing code is reused and resultantly, huge investments for app maintenance are also cut down.

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You have Questions. We have Answers.

You will be getting the updates throughout the process. Our project leader will coordinate with you at regular intervals. We will share a rough plan with dates of updates with you at the beginning of the project.

The major benefit is that Xamarin apps work on every platform. Also, these are faster due to the use of Visual Studio tools.

Creating multiple apps for different platforms may be expensive. Xamarin services allow you to build applications that work across multiple platforms. This saves the budget of your business and you can focus on other business goals as well. Your business economy is guaranteed to boost drastically.

Our Xamarin services run on nearly every imaginable platform including Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS X, iOS, and Free BSD.