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Why Python is the fastest-growing major programming language- Solitaire Infosys

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  • date: Sep 16, 2020
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Python is a dynamic, powerful programming language and currently at the height of popularity. Python has versatile frameworks that let you work swiftly and effectively with less coding; simple and easy to understand as compared to other programming languages. Python language offers enormous growth; its primary language in ML/ AI, fits perfectly in areas like web development, DevOps, data science and many more. We can say Data science is the biggest reason why everyone is shifting towards Python. 

Python is used in highly loaded sites that process millions of user requests per day, and its core which is supporting these massive traffic sites top-notch performance. Python is a choice of many companies, including Netflix, Instagram, Mozilla, Instagram, Dropbox, and many others. 


Let us help you choose the best Python frameworks?

Python full-stack & micro framework


Things Python Developer Need to Consider

  • Decide which framework to use; full-stack or micro framework
  • Choosing between micro and full-Stack totally depends on the size and complexity of the web project
  • A full-stack framework, all-in-one solution for large-sized enterprise projects. All libraries configured well including necessary features by default
  • Micro-Framework, best for small-sized and less complicated applications 

Know More

Frameworks are making developer’s lives easier, whether its full-stack frameworks and microframeworks, both offer a robust structure for web application development. Choosing a right programming language and right framework, allows developers to access multiple options with a variety of tools and packages at hand to develop any applications and enable them to automate the implementation of standard solutions, cutting development time and focus only on application development. Django and Flask are considered as top Python frameworks so far. 

Python frameworks are sizeable because they contain several modules, components, and services, which is best for developing complicated web applications efficiently and within less time. Python combines all the essential features of a web app by default instead of providing them as dedicated libraries, offers architectural patterns that are Model View Template(MVC) based, ORM, routers, templating engine, security, and more. 


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