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Website Design and Development Company

We are a web development company with a passion for design.

You don’t have more than 5-10 seconds to convince your visitors to stay on your website. It is very important for a business to give the right information in the right manner to its visitors. Our unique and creative approach will make your website design appropriately impressive and contribute to the conversion rate. Our team of professional designers sits together to discuss the client requirements and develop a unique strategy for your business. We stay updated with the technologies to provide clients with competitive websites. The best part about our services is that whatever we do it is 100% original and in accordance with your business. We are specialists in designing, developing and marketing your web project just the way you want.

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Creativity and technologies we use

Solitaire Infosys is a trusted custom website design company that has clients from all over the world. If you are among those business owners who want to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, then a finely constructed web design is a pre-requisite for your business. We deliver custom web designs to our clients at affordable rates.

Technologies we use:

  • Web Services And Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • XML Web Services
  • Service Oriented Architecture

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What do we offer?

We provide innovative, modern, and affordable web 2.0 solutions for our clients, whether individuals and companies. Our team of designers integrates your website with CMS, blogs, control panels, forums, galleries, and more for a better user experience. Whether it’s a new website, CMS skin, forum skin, e-commerce, blog skin, c-panel skin, or any other custom request, you will be provided with the top-notch quality web 2.0 layouts, programming, and relevant interactivity.

We deliver uniqueness in our designs for our clients. Our web design strengths include:

  • Professional and creative designers
  • Undefined beauty and looks
  • Latest design trends

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Unique Solutions for Unique Business Requirements

We have perfect web design solutions for your business.

Content Management System:

Our CMS solutions can change your website into an essential and powerful business tool. With familiar simple-to-use tools and minimal training, you and your organization can publish fresh and engaging content whenever required.


We are proficient in creating innovative, inspired websites that are designed for selling purpose.

Dynamic Pages:

We are capable of creating different types of dynamic pages through which your business can achieve business goals and earn better profits.

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You have Questions. We have Answers.

Yes, it is possible to update your website. There are some methods that are used for updating the website. The method you want to choose and the functionality that has been on your website is entirely dependent on your choice and budget. At Slinfy, we can help you with all the additions and changes that you want to make in future. We can also guide you in choosing the best method for you.

If your website contains a few pages only and you want to make changes infrequently, then it would be cost-effective for you to get in touch with Slinfy to make the changes for you. The methods are chosen on the basis of the data or information and the pictures that you have and how all this is being presently stored.

You will be provided with an online CMS where you will be able to update individual products/pages/services and particular sections of your website as per the need. And hence, we can also deliver functionality so that you can upload all your products to your website using spreadsheets.

It is very easy to use content management systems or CMS and to include explanatory notes wherever necessary. You will be able to administer the web design process that is going on.

There is no limit to the number of pages that you can have on your website. In accordance with the search engines, it is better to have more pages.

The cost of the website is different for different websites. There are many factors that count for the cost of a website.