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Web design and UX trends to heighten conversions

  • By: admin
  • date: Apr 13, 2018
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A Good UX Trends and web design can either make your business or will break it. According to the research done, the users will be making up their mind over the fact that how did they “feel” about your website or in a better version, about your business and that too in few seconds after the first viewing of your site. Furthermore, the design of the interior pages can also help in making dramatic impact even on the conversion flow!

  • Full screen or width Images: According to the studies, Images which are there and holds the screen to its fullest also captivates the viewers properly and contributes toward the conversions.
  • Monochromatic colors: the use of monochromatic colors should be there along with contrasting CTA, short for call to action.
  • Minimal Lead capture: Who wouldn’t like to capture leads and that too without any distraction? Well, just place alone on the landing page. You can even pair it with a compelling, best driven copy.
  • VIDEO: Trust is the main hurdle that comes between a web visitor and in making a sale. Therefore, Videos are considered as the most important factor in personalizing your brand in order to boost sales.

There are also factors apart from the above like, personalized user experience, Designed cards and so on. Well, we hope that the above mentioned tips will make your work much easier and simpler.

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