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Watch behind the scenes of mobile platform wars

  • By: admin
  • date: 2018-04-12 14:00:14
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The Mobile Platform wars name was first used in 2010 by tech analysts and consultants for an expected a fascinated war between the two biggest IT brands i.e. Apple and Google.  According to the study, the use of Android platform accounts for 81.7 per cent, the use of iOS platform accounts for 17.9 per cent, whereas 0.4 per cent cumulatively given to the windows, blackberry and other platforms. If we look closer to the company’s mere announcements, then you will come to know that those announcements are more of a WAR! Let us see some of the war axis.

Pixel Vs iPhone 7: iPhone, the day it was launched, is trying to make a deep mark in the market. According to a study being done on the sales of iPhone 7 has dropped in the recent times and it is expected to fall even more than now!  Recently, Google unveiled its own handset, named as Pixel. It sales is nowhere near to the Apple Sales. According to a study, Pixel is generating only 22-25 percent gross profit margin, while Apple is doing the same at 41 percent.

East vs WestThe popularity of each of the platform is different across the world. The Westerns favor the iOS platform, whereas, the Asian side of the globe favors the Android. The Europe favors iOS and Android equally.

There are many other fights that are going on between these companies. The fights can be in the context of, ‘in-app’ also. If one is offering an, in app purchases, the other is offering in app advertising. These fights are very fun to watch. The ‘Battles’ of the mobile platforms actually happen and aren’t going to get over in the near future also.

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