Tips to reduce your Business website Bounce rate
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Top Tips to reduce your Business website Bounce rate

  • By: admin
  • date: Feb 18, 2021
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High Bounce rates are disappointing; it is an indicator that something needs to be fixed and improved on your business website. In case you are not aware of what a bounce rate is exactly? A ‘bounce’ is essentially when a user enters and exits your website via viewing only one page. More specifically, a website’s bounce rate measured via a top Google Analytics survey shows how many visitors leave your web page without performing a specific action, such as buying something, filling out a web form, or clicking on any internal or external link or call to action button. 

You must be the one who misunderstood and maybe unsure of what an average bounce rate is. If you’re a marketer, you need to understand bounce rate and how it impacts your overall digital marketing strategy. We help you know what’ bounce rate’ means and how to calculate it. Bounce rate is calculated when someone visits a single page on your website and does nothing on the page before leaving. More specifically, a website’s bounce rate measures how many visitors leave a page without performing any action, such as buying something, filling out a form, or clicking on a link. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss what makes a good bounce rate and ways to improve your website bounce rate, which will improve your conversion rates and your organic rankings on popular search engines.

Factors that affect Bounce Rate 

  • Slow page speed
  • Unnecessary Pop-ups
  • Unnecessary Plug-ins
  • Poor UI/UX design
  • Title tags and meta descriptions not properly optimized
  • Blank pages with technical errors
  • Low-quality content or no content pages
  • Web Pages that are not mobile-friendly
  • Improper implementation of Google Analytics setup
  • Bad bounce rate indicates technical SEO issues

How to get a bounce rate down

  • Review Pages with the Highest Exit Volumes
  • Review web Pages Analytics
  • Optimize visitors load time to your Site
  • Adding a custom 404 error page to your Site
  • Utilize A/B Testing 
  • Interlink pages together with relevant anchor text
  • Optimize website for Mobile
  • Make Your Pages Easy to Read
  • Include Clear CTAs and Consider Their Placements
  • Add relevant Meta titles and description 
  • Target High-Traffic Keywords
  • Easy-to-use navigation will promote a lower bounce rate
  • Include external links on their Site
  • Add high-quality, authoritative content to the website
  • Use Best SEO practice to improve your website bounce rate 

Bounce rates vary widely from industry to industry and web page to web page, but typical bounce rates are as follows: 

  • An ‘exceptional’ bounce rate is in the 26-40% range
  • A ‘good’ bounce rate is in the 41-55% range
  • An ‘okay’ bounce rate is in the 56-70% range
  • Anything over 70% needs attention 

We work with businesses of all sizes and provide long run marketing activities to reduce your website bounce rates. We can fix your page loading time if its too slow and make your website user friendly with interactive designs and targeted customers, relevant content, and smart navigational links. Follow the above-outlined tips and achieve a lower bounce rate while improving your website’s overall user experience, and this way, your website got more traffic. If you still have any other questions about your bounce rate and how you can drive traffic & increase your website conversion rate with SEO activities, Get in touch with us. 

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