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PPC Campaign Management Services

Cost-effective and convenient method of marketing

If you are in search of a PPC Agency that will run and manage your business PPC campaign, you won’t find an agency that is as proficient as ours. From display ads to the paid search ads, we can provide you with all types of PPC services to amply with your business needs. We have our dealings with businesses of all sizes all over the globe. We entirely focus on increasing your return on investment with whatever it takes.

Hire us because we know how to turn $100 investment into $1000 return. We have a vast experience in helping our clients with their PPC campaigns proficiently and maximizing their profits in all terms.

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We run campaigns that attract and convert.

We offer expert PPC management services to our clients for real results. The campaigns that we run are built on the basis of our years of experience in research and analysis. We have built PPC campaigns for numerous clients who belong to different businesses in different parts of the world. We also show real-time results to our clients to show them the value they have been receiving.

The best part of our services is that we also build retargeting campaigns if the visitors didn’t convert. We tend to remind them that we are the right choice for them. You can hire us while continuing on improving your business.

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How to turn your $100 into $1000?

We get connected to our clients to learn about their business and what they expect from us. Our team gets into a discussion to build a strategy for the client’s PPC campaigns by focusing on the keywords, landing pages, etc. We are capable of creating banners and textual ads using each keyword keeping in mind the target audience. We use a variety of tools to make sure that our launches are accurate and to the point.

We don’t stop at this point. We will monitor and manage the ad performance at regular intervals on the basis of the guidelines and optimization. We tend to present reports to our clients about what we have been doing.

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Ads that generate new customers for you

With every PPC campaign that we run, we focus on getting the best return on investment. Each ad that we build is tested on its own merits. Our team of experts makes sure that each ad that we create is earning the spot on the search engine page results click-through rates. We also monitor the non-performing ads to replace them with the more effective ads.

Whether it is your textual ad or the banner ad, we build all of them keeping in mind the target audience and the location to produce the best possible results.

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The main aim of advertising is to allure people to buy something that you are offering. It is important to understand how advertising can influence people into buying something to trigger the buying decisions.

The advertisers bid on the keywords for serving an ad when someone clicks on them, they directly land on the landing page of the website so that a conversion goal is completed. The Google Adwords is based on two fundamentals, i.e. cost-per-click (CPC) and keywords bidding.

The cost per conversion is the online advertising pricing model. The advertiser pays for the specified acquisition.

The average click-through rate or commonly called the CTR on AdWords paid search ads is around 2%. If anything is over 2% is considered to be an above average CTR.