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How Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is the future of Mobile Applications

  • By: admin
  • date: May 29, 2020
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are not only existing in near future but its right here, right now these latest technologies bringing a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, users, and every business think about intelligent interactions within mobile applications. AI technology integrated within mobile apps, customizing, and streamlining user experience every day. AI and Machine Learning possibilities are endless, but within the context of mobile, it is embedded in smart devices with advanced software using chat-bots or in context-aware sensors.

Advanced and giant Retail players like eBay and Amazon and many others have integrated AI across their entire scale cycle, from storage logistics to post-sale customer service and also they’ve better proved the success potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in businesses smart mobile apps. With new advancements in technology and shifting consumer demands, AI mobile app development is the new digital frontier for every enterprise these days.

Presence of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is almost in every App nowadays, also we are proactively using them on our Smartphones, here are some details about a few mobile application software;

Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications Development

  • Google Maps Directions to Product Recommendations, Music Recommendations and availing other services
  • Email Filters to Chatbots Smart Replies is used to grow
  • LinkedIn, Chatbots to Facebook Proactive Face Detection
  • Google Predictive Searches to Google’s Algorithm
  • Ride-sharing Apps to Financial Institutions Fraud Prevention or Mobile Banking everything is functioning smoothly because of AI


These days the latest devices and applications use chatbots, voice recognition searches, and algorithms that adjust itself based on learned behavior. The latest applications software are AI and machine learning-driven apps based, with these distinct businesses leverage the data using AI & ML technologies and collecting information, knowing user preferences via point-of-sale machines, online traffic, mobile devices, mobile apps and on that basis algorithms will be able to examine through this data, finding trends and adjusting the apps themselves to create more meaningful and context-rich opportunities to engage users to more strategically improve the user experience.

Applications & Artificial Intelligence

  • AI in Automobiles as its advancing towards driver-less cars
  • AI in Business helps in automating a task that saves time and manpower
  • AI in Education can deliver a better learning experience
  • AI in Governments can use AI to counter natural disasters, road accidents
  • AI in Healthcare as it includes chat-bots, which answers queries and assist patients to schedule appointments and provide feedback
  • NLP, an acronym for Natural Language Processing such as Spell check and auto-correct
  • The growth of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is driving a whole new class of mobile app possibilities. AI has been influential in app development for almost every sector and from several years already, Let’s take a beginning example of Apple’s Siri, and now Apple has potential to advance this technology in the coming years and after this, there are ample similar technologies developed and these will get more advanced in near future as Machine learning has moved out of its infancy now, and smart users now want flexible algorithms for seamless and intuitive experiences. The new availability and advancement of AI and machine learning are causing a revolutionary shift, as we can see Smartphones are equipped with GPS tracking, as well as microphone and camera features, making mobiles an ideal platform to develop advanced level AI applications.


If we combine Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence technology with amazing built-in smart features then it can make our mobile apps more relevant and personalized. So, be it travel, utility, machinery, telecom, or advertisement industry, this will enhance the user experience in a huge way and obviously it creates a great impact on human interaction with machines and devices. Using AI to contextualize user behaviors will make each app session more valuable than the past one, also with AI or ML there is less Scope of errors, this results in better decision making, handle complexities and work 24/7 with optimum utilization of resources and much more. For more Stay connected with Solitaire Infosys Pvt Ltd and get to read interesting articles like this.

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