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Latest Android Trends We Follow at Solitaire Infosys

  • By: admin
  • date: Aug 5, 2019
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In recent years, there has been a whopping deluge in the Android app market. This is a clear indication that the demands are skyrocketing. Hence, an excellent development process is a clear and key factor that is required.


The growing Android market insists the businesses lookout for the best Android Application Development Company that will offer them robust, powerful, and dynamic apps using the latest technologies and trends.


Over the years, the team at Solitaire Infosys has gained expertise in offering fast-paced Android development solutions to the clients. We are proficient in converting enterprise level legacy systems to dynamic and professional apps.


Our team always remains abreast with the latest trends and use these in order to meet client requirements. Below are some of the latest Android trends that we use here, at Solitaire Infosys.




Kotlin offers a wide range of features for building dynamic and high-performance Android applications. It supports Android Studio 3.0 and is rich with extension tools. Offering an excellent safety protocol, it makes app development easier and secure.


Room Persistence Library


This database library is one of the most important components of Android architecture. Its versatility allows easy integration with the RxJava and the new Live Data. It helps to build SQL queries easily and makes the development process convenient for the developers.


MVVM Pattern


This is one of the most sought-after design patterns that make the UI code simpler and boosts the capacity of app code testing.


Android Instant Apps


Android Instant Apps don’t need to be installed in the device and can be used instantly by tapping over them. Isn’t it amazing? Think about how much memory space you can save!


At Solitaire Infosys, we use all these latest trends to offer you apps that will add value to the user experience. For more details, browse our official website.

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