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We have a team of highly professional that will help you in building high-performance hybrid mobile apps with its power-packed solution. We use AngularJS and HTML5 to build hybrid mobile applications for our clients. We use the Ionic platform to develop and design highly interactive mobile applications. Our highly-skilled team is well-versed with the platform and can deliver you with feature-rich apps.

We offer front-end mobile application development services using the Ionic platform to deliver our clients with apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. The platform has got to offer numerous benefits to its users. It is a powerful open source mobile SDK that has got to offer interactive themes, widgets, UI library, and much more to create world-class applications.

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Develop World-Class Mobile Applications

Our team of expert developers is proficient in using the Ionic platform for the development of mobile applications that are built to stay in the long run. We develop applications for all types of businesses whether startups, medium or established. We utilize every feature of the platform to deliver best UI/UX experience through the apps.

We combine our Ionic mobile application services with AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, and SaaS to deliver you with the best solutions. We utilize the wide range of resources, tools, and services offered by Ionic platform for the development of user-friendly and highly-responsive mobile apps.

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Get Apps Developed with Solitaire Infosys

Our team is well-versed with the Ionic platform and utilizes its capabilities to deliver the clients with highly-responsive and feature-rich mobile applications. Our Ionic App Development services include:

  • mCommerce App Design & Development
  • iBeacon App Development
  • Enterprise App Design & Development
  • App QA/Testing Services
  • Social Media App Development
  • Widget Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Fitness App Development

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We build cross-platform mobile apps for our clients

For us, our client’s satisfaction is the most important thing that we keep in mind everytime we do something for them. You can discuss your requirements clearly with us so that we can create our strategies in accordance with them. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with everything that we do for them and is what keeps us going. We tend to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies so that we are capable of providing applications. We keep transparency during our whole development process so that our clients know what is going on with their project. We are open to all the changes that you might want to in your application during and after the development of the app.

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You have Questions. We have Answers.

AngularJS is used to build Ionic applications. It has a rich set of test framework and libraries like Jasmine and Karma test runner. One can use these frameworks to write unit tests for the Ionic applications. The applications can also be testes online because ionic-CLI offers a live reload feature that lets you test the applications in the browser. We use Mozilla Firefox with Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools to inspect and debug Ionic applications.

You do not get a camera API out of the box with Ionic. Since Ionic uses plugins architecture and it is based on Cordova, the Cordova plugins can be used in your application. You can get a set of Cordova extensions with Angular wrappers from the Ionic team and you can find them at ngCordova.

Yes, we can detect a platform (Android or iOS) at runtime in the Ionic application. The Ionic framework offers platform classes like when an application is loaded,  it adds CSS classes to thetag.

The advantages of the applications that are built using the Ionic framework are:

  • The hybrid applications are built using the Ionic framework builds with the help of different web technologies. So, that means that the web developers can build the mobile applications too. And also, because it uses JavaScript, and the same codebase can be used to build both Android and iOS applications.
  • The development cost of the hybrid applications is less in comparison to the development of native Android and iOS applications.
  • It is an excellent framework for quick application ideas prototyping.