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We live in a world where the e-commerce websites have got to play a pivotal in the life of every individual. A business that has a user-friendly and feature-rich e-commerce website is surely going to win among the others who don’t have. Solitaire Infosys offers you the best and customizable e-commerce solutions in equivalence to your business. We provide you with the necessary tools that will help you in merchandising your business website, running campaigns for marketing and enhancing the customer base. We have a flexible working system that can be adjusted as per your business requirements. We use our platform in integration with your existing ERP, CRM, POS or WMS system, communicating with direct dispatch suppliers and customizing your email templates.

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What do we offer through our E-commerce website development process?

We understand the importance of customers for any business. We use our advanced development and design skills to create the perfect online shopping experience for people. And who knows if they become your regular customers! The conversion rates are usually higher when you have the right products on your website. So, by coordinating with you, we’ll display your brand, ethos and unique selling points in the most user-friendly way.

Our e-commerce sites are designed and developed to be responsive and using the latest technologies, so whatever the device your site is being viewed on, it will always look amazing and be user-friendly. We create your online store in a way that it is usable, attractive and lures people to keep shopping.

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Custom website development that is catered to your needs.

Magento is an important platform for creating e-commerce websites. We are expert in using the platform to provide our customers with the best websites. Even if you want something extra out of it that Magento can’t offer, we say – bring it on! The most rewarding part of any job is to come up with something that will be totally fresh and unique to your site. So, give us a challenge – it’s what we love the most! You will get the best-customized websites for your business for sure.

We relish finding ways to tackle the most complex requirements and turn them into usable features. The more unique you can be the more your site will stand out from the crowd. We also offer catalog production, configuration, and training to the aspiring candidates.

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Our Expertise in E-commerce Industry

We have handled numerous e-commerce projects in the past too and have been successful in all our deliveries. The thing that makes us stand out in the crowd is that we get personally involved with our clients. This makes us understand them and their business better. As a result, we get to know what our clients are expecting from us. We tend to deliver our clients with exactly what they have asked us for. But that doesn’t stop us from giving suggestions to our clients. We have a better understanding of the e-commerce industry and that is why we think we are capable of suggesting our clients. We keep in mind that your website is very important for you and so it is for us. We put our best efforts in every project and make sure that our clients are happy with our services.

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You have Questions. We have Answers.

There are a few fundamentals that can help you in choosing the best platform for your e-commerce web development. You must always consider the items that you are selling. Some e-commerce platforms are capable of handling inventory tracking and multiple product options while others cannot. There are many others things like payment gateways, design option, etc. that also need to be considered.

There are no limits on the size of your product or customer database. You are allowed to add unlimited products and catalogs to your e-commerce website and grow your customer base as per the requirement without any hindrances.

The three dimensions of security: integrity, confidentiality, and availability must always be kept in mind by the e-commerce website owners. They should develop a good strategy will make the transactions and site secured. You may even use encryption methods to keep your data confidential.

You can send product information in the form of a digital/physical catalog, spreadsheet, etc. through e-mail to our company’s official office e-mail id that we will share with you. Our FTP server can also be used for transferring big files