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Covid19 creates a spotlight on Telehealth Consultation

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  • date: Sep 7, 2020
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Telehealth tech or Consultation Apps a spotlight for Coronavirus Care. Nowadays, During COVID19 outbreak, as the number of cases is rapidly increasing and overwhelming health care systems around the world, and amidst this critical situation, telemedicine is stepping up into the spotlight and helping healthcare provider organizations and caregivers better respond to the needs of patients across the globe.

There is a massive surge for Telehealth and medicine since the beginning of March to fight against COVID-19, and making a very positive contribution to healthcare in a variety of ways. Telehealth has the potential to improve access and reduce the costs of healthcare and to cope with unprecedented usage of healthcare resources during these pandemic situations.


How Telehealth is helpful during COVID‐19 Pandemic

As a considerable rise in e-consultation has been witnessed across the globe, teleconsultations have also been growing as per demand. Research has shown that there is almost 50 per cent increase in the number of doctors joining Practo, a second medical opinion consultation platform for doctors and Practo soon planning to launch its mobile applications to connect with patients better. While noticing the rising demand of Telehealthcare,The Niti Aayog introduced the telemedicine or telehealthcare guidelines with national clinical standards, protocols, policies and procedures.


Benefits of Telehealth Consultation App

  • Mobile and web app software solution for Medical professionals and patients
  • Provision of remote clinical services
  • Real-Time In-app Chat between the patient and the healthcare Professional
  • Trusted two-way communication between patients and doctor using electronic, audio and visual means
  • Digital Follow Up Consultations
  • HD Video quality used for interaction
  • User-friendly and innovative telehealth app
  • View Doctor availability and Book appointments accordingly
  • Using EMR (Electronic Medical Record) where case records, images, investigations, medical records can be stored


Our Telehealth Consultation App Includes;

  • Patient/User Panel
  • Doctor’s Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Custom add on Features

Partner with us!

We are a renowned IT Company who is ready to help hospitals and healthcare providers to quickly adopt telehealth consultation mobile and web applications to treat patients and effectively interact with quarantined patients, especially who are infected. Connect with us if you’re looking to build an interactive and user-friendly Telehealth app which can be used to bridge the gap between people, physicians and health care professionals, enabling everyone, primarily symptomatic patients, to stay at home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels.

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