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CMS Maintenance Services

A good idea to keep your website updated

CMS maintenance is undoubtedly an amazing technique to keep your website fresh-looking and user-friendly all the time. Our support team is proficient to help you with the CMS maintenance and can even guide you if you want to do it on your own. We can keep your CMS up-to-date all the time because we have the skills and the experience to make that happen. We don’t only create websites but strive to keep them maintained throughout their lifetime. We understand the importance of your website for you and that is why we give our best to keep your website updated. Our CMS maintenance services are designed to manage your websites so that they don’t face any serious technical issue.

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Why is CMS Maintenance necessary?

There are many reasons to support the fact that CMS maintenance is necessary for every website. The regular CMS maintenance improves the stability and security of the website. If you have an outdated CMS, there can be many security issues and keeping it updated will make it hard for the hackers to harm your website anyway. Our CMS maintenance team is the one that you cannot look forward to the CMS maintenance of your website. We target the customer experience to make sure that all the installed plugins are working properly, there are no broken links and the website display is also fine on every device. You can hire our proficient support team for your website.

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What can you expect from us?

Our support team doesn’t only provide support or web management capabilities but gets involved with you to grab knowledge of each element of the maintenance operations so that it runs as smoothly as possible. We can also create a fully integrated content management system for you that will merge your websites, databases, and all other elements of your web-based programs.

We have helped many of our clients in the past as well with their CMS maintenance. We partner with our clients for the long run so that we can always help them in keeping up with the latest technology trends and updates.

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Why hire us?

Solitaire Infosys offers you a better and efficient way of managing your CMS. We offer custom CMS maintenance services that are catered to your unique business and its requirements. Our support team will always keep in touch with you to discuss your requirements and even share the details of what we have been doing for maintaining your CMS.

We are always available for our clients to help them in finding the perfect solution for their website. We keep in touch with our clients all the time so as to solve their queries at any point of time. We use different IM channels (like Skype, Team Viewer, etc.) to stay in touch with our clients.

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On-going changes help your website in staying forward in the race with your competitors. We need to maintain and make some enhancements, changes, and modifications to the client’s website. This accelerates the growth of the client’s business and helps their customers in finding the best services and content every time they visit the website.

You need a support from an HTML professional who will carefully update the changes onto your website and make the necessary modifications because if you plan to do it on your own, you may end up messing it all. You always need support and assistance for your dynamic and transactional websites.

You will avail the following benefits if you hire us for your support and maintenance services:

  • General information, support, and training for administrative management of your website or web-based application.
  • General information, support, and training related to access, hosting and server configuration, and settings for a website or web-based application.
  • Technical consulting.
  • Third-party.

The CMSs are flexible, functional, and easy to use if they are well-developed. The most common Content Management Systems that we use include Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.