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  • date: Nov 28, 2022
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If you are new to Android and want to create a profession out of it, we can assist you. At Solitaire Infosys, you may develop your career and meet your ambitions. Offering Course Certification of Android Training in Mohali is Solitaire Infosys in Chandigarh.


Best Android App Development Training in Mohali 

In Chandigarh and Mohali, it provides 45-day, 2-month, 3-month, and 6-month training programs. Technology has changed our world and is affecting how we live. The way we interact with one another, how we watch television, how we share, how we read, how we communicate, how we parent, and so on are all made easier by the creation of practical and efficient android applications. Android apps provide consumers with assistance. The best Android training is provided in Chandigarh by Solitaire Infosys.

Android is a piece of software designed for various gadgets, including cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets. The Open Handset Alliance and Google launched it in 2003. (OHA). It is a well-known mobile operating system (OS). Although numerous languages are used to create Android code, Java is the most popular one.


Complete Services for Developing Android Applications

From iOS and Android to cloud-based application development, we create android mobile applications for a range of mobile platforms and operating systems. We have a highly skilled development staff that offers excellent planning and solutions. Through services like iOS and web app development, iOS game development, iOS app porting and testing, and more, our highly qualified experts deliver improved user experiences.


Why should you learn how to develop Android apps?

1.4 billion active Android Development Devices are currently active across the globe in 82 international marketplaces with a regular investment that is always rising.

Android OS, created by Google, is used by more than 80% of mobile applications. Today, the majority of startups employ mobile apps to advance their businesses.


Android App Development Training in Mohali

  • Elite certified instructors with over 15 years of expertise.
  • Tracking trends and requirements regularly.
  • 100% training focused on careers.
  • Individualized instruction using thorough research.

Android Development Course with Placement

Solitaire Infosys offers the best Android development training, and all of its alumni find employment. Our Android programming course is structured and designed to help you learn about the Android platform’s architecture, plan and develop Android applications, test and debug applications using the Android SDK emulator, and develop user interfaces with pre-built views and layouts. Solitaire Infosys is one of India’s top-rated IT businesses.


Android App Development Training in Mohali

Given that everything is reliant on technology, learning Android application development in Mohali is currently popular. This course on developing Android applications is intended to help you comprehend the architecture of the Android platform, design and develop Android applications, use the Android SDK’s simulator for testing and debugging applications, and create user interfaces with built-in layouts and views. Everyone wishing to expand their skill set and explore a professional career path will benefit from taking this mobile app development course. Solitaire Infosys offers you a certified professional with at least 15 years of work experience.


What positions are available once I’ve finished the training?

Game Developer Objective-C Developer Android Application Developer ,Mobile Application Developer

Windows Mobile App Developer Java Application Developer iPhone/iOS Application Developer


Salary expectation after completing the course

Globally, there is a sharp increase in demand for Android app developers. A fresher’s average annual pay in India currently ranges from Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 4 lakhs. And that a professional with two or more years of expertise will start out earning between Rs. 1.2 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh per year.


Career after Android App Training

The market for designing and developing Android apps is currently expanding at the fastest rate. It provides countless professional alternatives, including millions of job openings and prospects for freelance work.


Our Objectives:

  • Offer top-notch skill-based training programs in both IT and non-IT fields.
  • From any professional experience and at any point in their professions, try to provide something truly valuable that enhances your career.
  • More training programs of higher quality should be offered to students.

Additional Details

Android has become a huge smartphone operating system in today’s globe, supporting devices from dozens of manufacturers, making it an incredibly global phenomenon. A variety of modern devices, including android mobile phones, use the lightweight and practical Android operating system.

Google’s Android platform is the most widely used open-source technology for building powerful mobile software apps that meet our demands and specifications. Java is primarily used to create the native software apps that make up the Android framework.

Additionally, cross-platform frameworks like Titanium and PhoneGap as well as SDK and NDK can be used to build the applications.The most popular of the aforementioned frameworks is Android SDK. Because of this, Solitaire Infosys’s Android training in Mohali also includes hands-on instruction in the Android SDK and efficient coding techniques from our qualified specialists. The main thing that makes your equipment work is programming.

By choosing to take an android training course and mastering the skill and art of developing android apps, you may launch your career in one of the most well-known technological platforms accessible today and enter a large professional alliance where you can earn a sizable salary.

The Solitaire Infosys Android training program combines academic instruction with hands-on experience to help and direct our students as they develop meaningful applications in the right manner.The goal of Solitaire Infosys’ android training in Mohali is to improve and broaden the user experience, optimize the functionality of software applications, and incorporate features like animations, custom views, and location awareness.

The course includes instructions on how to collect data from device sensors like the geometric field sensor using the Android sensor framework. With the help of our experienced instructors, you will be able to build a cloud-connected Android app while learning in-depth techniques for mobile programming in general and android development in particular.

 The framework of Android can be learned at Solitaire Infosys from our top lecturers, who have gained practical experience in the information technology industry. Android has risen to the top of the list of the most popular operating systems in the field of mobile technology. It will be viewed as the ideal choice to choose an emerging mobile technology like android as android smartphones are the rapidly developing technology in the information technology sector.


What makes Solitaire Infosys the best option?

  • Real-world training that is 100 percent job-oriented
  • equipped practice labs with knowledgeable instructors and learner-friendly facilities
  • own course materials are written in easily comprehensible language
  • prepares for any upcoming exams and interviews
  • updated curriculum to reflect business demands and emerging technology
  • 2000+ happy students who gave the trainer and the training 5 stars
  • There are enough assignments and frequent assessments to provide you with solid practical knowledge.
  • Prepare your resume

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