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Android Application Development Company

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  • date: Feb 18, 2022
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Solitaire Infosys is the world’s best Android Application Development Company. It is a professional service company specializing in the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android – native and Reacts Native – a vibrant group of top engineers with years of experience in various fields such as telco, fintech, IoT, etc.

Solitaire Infosys is a new provider of technology solutions with 30 years of successful growth and more than 1,000 customers. Our software creates efficiency in both the public and private sectors.

As head of software product development, the company now focuses on designing and developing multi-tenant web applications as cloud products with an emphasis on single-page (SPA) applications with responsive web design (RWD).


Android Application Development Company


Solitaire Infosys is the only custom software company that offers its clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.We have more than 600 employees to design software and strategy related to that . We design mobile applications, web services, and embedded systems and work with the companies such as Logitech, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Solitaire, the best Android Application Development Company’s success comes from its gratified customers and satisfied employees. We are a consulting company in the field of mobile software, which develops its applications for Android and iOS. We add value through creativity, technical expertise, and reliable delivery. We have build long-term partnerships with the top MNC’s companies.


Composition of the team for android app development


We have teams in various departments, including a business analyst and a lead developer.We have members in the development team who manage the design, some work on the software, and others are responsible for the management of database process.


Projects/services of our company and our goals


We have created many android application like campus Edge, The Twitt,School Diary 24 and many more to meet the growing demand for work management software that is efficient and easy to use.These android application enables organizations to plan their work in systematic manner.Our solution is highly customizable, so it’s easy to meet every customer’s requirements.


Scope of work, including project steps, key outputs, and Android App development technologies used


IOS and Android applications were created and delivered by Solitaire Infosys countless years ago. Our company is always trying to add new technical features and our development team consists of iOS developers, providing iOS functionality in our client’s project.

The first work consisted of modernizing the code base, solving some unknown problems, and updating the application to use the latest version of the iOS operating system, which was later extended to implement new features for both platforms – iOS and Android.


The most impressive or unique about the Android Application Development Company in India


Solitaire Infosys developers worked together on many successful projects and have become a valuable part of our client team. Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions for managing the highest quality workflows.


We have expertise in mobile application architecture, automated deployment, and testing, implementation of new development workflows. Satisfying Customers’ business goals is our main motive.


The seamless and user-friendly application is positively praised by end-users. Our versatile and action-oriented team provides effective project workflow management. The ethics of our teamwork are impressive.


Android App Development Services


  • We have developed many mobile applications – native and with Flutter -our top clients: Open Xcell, Cubix, Utility, SAP.
  • We offer our product managers our product vision.
  • We help the Delivery Club grow from a startup to a market leader and create a user environment for delivery applications.
  •  We researched how courier services work and created Courier and Route applications for the bookstore, increasing deliveries by 50%
  • We combine the customer’s vision of the product with our knowledge and together with the customer we compile a map of the customer’s journey.


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