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Affiliate Program Management Services

Dig a whole new world for your customers.

Collaborating with us can help you in maximizing the profits of your affiliate channel. We have a skilled PR and affiliate team that uses a targeted approach to target strategic publishers. We design and implement strategies to maximize your ROI and revenue generation. Our strategy includes new customer acquisition and activated SEO. We don’t only manage the affiliate program but also help you in growing faster.

Our affiliate marketing plan is created with an aim of availing long-term benefits through our targeted affiliate marketing. Our affiliate marketing approach leads to the strategic partnership with potential high ranking and high-quality publishers.

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Affiliate Marketing Strategy and Planning

All our tasks start with discussing our client’s business with them, understanding their business goals, geographical reach, and targeted audiences completely. After getting whole of the understanding, we create definitive affiliate strategy and let you know about that as well.

We can help you in creating and delivering the most attractive and convincing promotional content. We use other innovative online marketing strategies to add new affiliates. We take care of implementing your targets with our quality affiliates that have been built over years.

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What we do best?

We are capable of building alliances that enhance your outreach and attract new recommendations from influencers and lure more audiences. We use our existing network to search for more relevant affiliations to your brand. We focus on your target audiences to search for attractive platforms that may associate your brand with them. We find and get in touch with the sources that are related to your business for promoting your business.

We create a network of references and platforms so that your brand can reach your targeted audience. We put content on the affiliate websites that will market your brand. Get in touch with us if you are looking forward to branding your campaigns effectively.

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What makes us the best?

We are very careful while choosing the affiliate partners because the affiliate marketing companies represent your brand online and also act as an extension of your sales force. Our affiliate marketing services include the end to end channel management and affiliate network building. We aim at our client’s benefits with every step that we take. We only get engaged with the profitable affiliates that will prove beneficial for your business. We directly connect you to a retailer and let you track the traffic through affiliate ads and then, do the data analysis. You can say that we completely take the responsibility of managing the entire affiliate marketing program so that you can successfully focus on your business.

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You have Questions. We have Answers.

A merchant can make this decision. The cookie life is entirely dependent on the merchant’s strategy and needs. The most common cookie length is 30 days. This means that if someone clicks on an affiliate link, you will get a paid commission if the user buys a thing within 30 days of the click.

EPC stands for Earnings per Hundred clicks which is sent to the merchants. The purchase account, cookie, and the commission are taken into consideration for the EPC.

A website needs the approval to become an affiliate. It is better to fill the form after your website is completed. Even if you want to gain access to the network before your website is complete, get in touch with us to discuss the information.

It depends on the number of users that the advertiser receives after you have placed a banner on your website. You can also do it by writing the content that contains links to the advertisers. This way you can become an affiliate. You will even receive a commission if the users you send convert into buyers.